Accueil Non classé Plan Out The Excursion To Mir Castle By Bus

Plan Out The Excursion To Mir Castle By Bus


Do you want a perfect holiday which you haven’t experienced before? It is a high time to explore some new places which are out of the box and ensure to provide you all fun, peace and happiness. What about Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace Tour? This is the best tour in Belarus, you can’t miss out and for that, you must book up a tour in advance. So, here we are talking about so beautiful and not to miss spot – castles of Belarus – Mir and Nesvizh – are the most significant sights of the country, appreciated and recognized all over the world.

People come from all around the world to witness these castles look the best. It has also got an honorable placement into the UNESCO World Heritage List, hence people ensure to witness the beauty and history of these castles. экскурсия в Мирский замок is fun, and the castles are located 100 kilometers from the capital, where you can expect having incredible stories, riddles and secrets. The castles are built in the 16th century, they still live their lives and are ready to be explored by the people of all over the world. The many interesting facts, including- how did the elevator look like in the 17th century along with why did prisoners come out blind from the local prison, the weight of the armor of a 6-year-old knight and many other things, you will get to know here.

You must book up a tour for замки Беларуси with the suggested tour operator and find experienced guides will tell you everything about this place. This five-tower castle built in Belarusian Gothic style rises above the quiet and cozy village of Mir, looks so beautiful and antique piece. At the very first glance you realize that the Mir Castle is unlike any other, but once you explore it more, you will witness the charming park to the family chapel-tomb, as well as unique medieval prison in Belarus, will make you feel amazed. You will also check wander through the castle towers and battle galleries, as well as don’t forget to enjoy a rich internal museum exposition consisting of 35 rooms. You guide will let you know everything in your language, so that you aware of the history of these castles and bring back great memories.  You will also get an opportunity to visit the center of Mir village – which is a picturesque market square. Here, people will get amazed to see old buildings of the square, the Holy Trinity Church of the 16th century, the Church of Sts. Nicholas of the 16th century, and other great buildings.

You will be also taken for the экскурсия в Несвиж, where you will witness the Nesvizh Palace and park with amazing alleys and lakes is the most beautiful castle and park ensemble of Belarus. It was constructed by the powerful Radzivil family in the 16th century, the castle became the pearl of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and it remains look beautiful today as well. So, you must book up a great tour and you will find your vacation truly amazing.

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